10 Dezember 2011

Cron and File Extensions

I created a script using TAR to backup my data on Ubuntu.
The script was putted to /etc/cron.daily but I didn't run!
After some investigations I found out that in /etc/cron.*/ directories no file extension or dots in the file name are allowed.

So be careful how you name your scripts that should run with cron.

07 Dezember 2011

OpenWebBeans Bootstrap in Java SE

It took me a while to get OpenWebBeans in Java SE up and running. Find below an example on how to bootstrap OWB:

ContainerLifecycle lifecycle = WebBeansContext.currentInstance().getService(ContainerLifecycle.class);

BeanManager beanManager = lifecycle.getBeanManager();
Bean<?> bean = beanManager.getBeans(B.class).iterator().next();

B b = (B) lifecycle.getBeanManager().getReference(bean, B.class, beanManager.createCreationalContext(bean));