18 Dezember 2009

Article on Java EE 6 from Dirk Weil

On JAXEnter Dirk Weil published an article about Java EE 6 which was released as final on December 10th.

He (and also I do) hope that the disrepute of J(2)EE will disappear because Java EE 6 is really a lean framework with just everything you need to develop an enterprise application.
In my opinion frameworks like Spring are no longer needed if you can use a Java EE 6 compliant application server like Glassfish 3 or JBoss 6.
And even the backing beans of JSF can be avoided with EJB 3.1 now. Read more about that topic:

16 Dezember 2009

Great Article why to use Java EE 6 from Adam Bien

In his most recent post Adam Bien descibes 9 reasons why Java EE 6 is a lightweight and investment protecting solution for building scalable enterprise applications.
I completly agree with these arguments and hope that many developers will continue or start to use Java EE.

9 Reasons Why Java EE 6 Will Save Real Money - Or How To Convince Your Management

If you live in Switzerland and want to learn about Java EE there is a great course at the University of Applied Science in Bern.
CAS Enterprise Application Development Java EE