25 Mai 2009

Java 6 Annotation Processor API

In JPA 2.0 the Java 6 Annotaion Processor API will be used to generate the meta model.

Today I found a nice introduction to this Annontation Processor API on java.net. Read on.

21 Mai 2009

@Inject Posted to JCP

Today Bob Lee et al. posted the proposal of @Inject to JCP.

In the updated version they for see some additional XML configuration to tell the injecter what it should inject. That makes it much saver in bigger environments.

That's what I always had in simject. I don't trust the magic of some other DI frameworks when they do some auto injection.

05 Mai 2009

Dependency Injection Standardized

Today Bob Lee (founder of Google Guice) announced the proposal for a java specification request (JSR) to standardize the annotations for dependency injection. Google and SpringSource will collaborate in this specification.
This spec will help to make DI portable and framework independant. simject will for sure base on this spec ;-)