28 April 2009

gted 1.5.4 with Advanced Domain Support

In gted 1.5.4 the --default-domain setting is now used all over the gted tools integration.
Which means that it's now longer necessary to name .po and .pot files messages.po or messages.pot.
The filename will be the same as --default-domain value.

Please let me know if you have more features that you like to have in gted!

20 April 2009

Oracle Buys Sun!

Today Oracle announced the acquisiton of Sun! Read offical news.

What does this mean to the Java community?
First Oracle has no one of the biggest open source databases in his portfolio: MySQL!
In the past few month Sun always compared the TCO of MySQL with Oracle.
What will be the postion of MySQL for Oracle?

From the Java language side I think it doesn't matter wether Oracle or IBM owns Java because both are mighty players in the Java Community Process.

On the operating system side maybe Oracle can enhance the status of Solaris as the standard OS for Oracle.

I'm very currios what will happen during the next few month...

14 April 2009

Where Does the Eclipse Code Comes From?

Currently there is a debate about the future of Eclipse.

Did you ever wondering where the code of Eclipse comes from?
On the Eclipse Company/Project Dashboard you find the answer.
Around 50% of the code comes from IBM!

For me that's no surprise because IBM was the initiator/founder of Eclipse.

Maven How-Tos

There is a post in the Sonatype Blog which summarizes very useful how-toes for Maven.
A must for every Maven user!

Have a look.

08 April 2009

Google App Engine with Java Support

A while a go I wrote about my first steps with Google App Engine. This was a quite impressive experience but I don't really like to program in Python.

Now Google provides Java support for the App Engine. Read more

07 April 2009

8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography in Your Design

Antonio Carusone wrote an interesting article about typography improvement. Read his article

01 April 2009

JPA 2.0 Proposed Final Draft

Spec lead Linda DeMichiel describes in her blog all the new features.

Specially the Criteria API will change the way queries could be exposed:

For example:
QueryBuilder qb = em.getQueryBuilder();
CriteriaQuery q = qb.create();
Root customer = q.from(Customer.class);
Join item = customer.join(Customer_.orders).join(Order_.items);
q.where(qb.equals(item.get(Item_.product).get(Product_.productType), "printer"))

You may wonder what Customer_.orders or Oders_.items is. This comes from the new Metamodel API also introduced in JPA 2.0. The classes with the prefix _ contains alle the meta information of your entities which looks like that:

import javax.persistence.metamodel.*;
public class Customer_ {
public static volatile Attribute custId;
public static volatile Attribute name;
public static volatile Set orders;

Together with the Metamodel API the Criteria API becomes no type save!
This comes very close to .NETs LINQ! Which in my opinion is a big step for JPA!