24 März 2009

Do you know all HTML Tags?

Glen Stansberry wrote an article about 10 rare used HTML tags.

To be honest I didn't knew any of these ten tags and I use HTML since more than 12 years!

22 März 2009

How to build a performing dream developer team

In Computerwoche there is an interesting article about a session that Adam Bien held on the OOP conference.

For the most part I agree with the conclusions.

My experience shows that one of the most important fact is to have people how speak the same language. And with language I don't mean English or German. I mean the way they think, work together etc.

If you have a team member who is not accepted by the team or does not follow the team rules he should not stay in the team. Because the team spirit is at risk and the project can fail because of one inacceptable person.

What's your experience and what did you do if you had some one who didn't fit into the team?

17 März 2009

How to Improve Web Typography

Mindy Wagner posted a very interesting post about improving typography on websites:
5 Simple Ways to Improve Web Typograph

I will for sure adapt his proposals to my websites!

13 März 2009

11 März 2009

Google Android

I found a very interesting article in German from Konrad Hübner and Henning Böger about Google Android on JAXenter.

When I have time this spring I will for sure try Google Android and I hope that in a the near future there will be smart phones available in Switzerland!

10 März 2009

JPA TopLink and Cache

Most of the JPA implementations are using one or more caches to improve performance.
Wonseok Kim describs in his block the behavior of TopLink Essentials.

Reading this article gives you a good idea how caching could affect the behavior of your application.

09 März 2009

Proposals for Java Language Changes: Project Coin

In Joseph D. Darcy's Sun Weblog one can find a list with the proposals for project coin.

In my opinion there are some very useful extensions like Lightweight Properties proposed.

Have a look and let me or better Joseph know what you are thinking.

08 März 2009

Scrum Tools

For all of you how are using Scrum there is a list and reviews of current Scrum Tools.

Check it out!