28 Januar 2009

Version Control for Solo Developers?

In his post Ernie Leseberg describes the advantages of version control even for small to one developer teams.
I never thougth about that before! Because in my opinion it's common to use version control and it doesn't matter how big the team is! We have year 2009!

Jetty Proposed as Eclipse Project

The popular web container Jetty is proposed to be an Eclipse project. Read more.

13 Januar 2009

gted 1.5.0 released

Today I made a new version of gted. It includes to new options for xgettext and msgfmt:

  • #1993779: .pot file name as option
  • #2500775: Added -r option for Java output.
    Thanks a lot to Martin for his patch!

07 Januar 2009

Public Review of JSR-303 Bean Validation Started

You can find the spec on the JSR page.

Because Bean Validation will have impact on how validation is done in Java EE it contains a section about integration in JPA 2.0. There will several changes related to the DDL generation. See the extract of this proposal:

The list of constraints that must be understood by persistence providers are as followed:
  • @NotNull should be considered equivalent to @Column(nullable=false) / @JoinColumn(nullable=false)
  • @Size.max should be considered equivalent to @Column.length for String properties
  • @Digits (which contains integer and fraction) should be considered equivalent to @Column.precision = integer+fraction, @Column.scale = fraction for decimal columns
Persistence Provider should optionally recognize and try to apply the following constraints as well:
  • @Min / @Max on numeric columns (TODO String too?)
  • @Future / @Past on temporal columns
  • @Size for collections and array (not sure it is feasible)
JPA 2.0 will become even better!

01 Januar 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a successful new year!

Personally 2009 will be a big challenge for sure! There will be a lot of work on my new job and maybe there will be some surprises...