01 April 2009

JPA 2.0 Proposed Final Draft

Spec lead Linda DeMichiel describes in her blog all the new features.

Specially the Criteria API will change the way queries could be exposed:

For example:
QueryBuilder qb = em.getQueryBuilder();
CriteriaQuery q = qb.create();
Root customer = q.from(Customer.class);
Join item = customer.join(Customer_.orders).join(Order_.items);
q.where(qb.equals(item.get(Item_.product).get(Product_.productType), "printer"))

You may wonder what Customer_.orders or Oders_.items is. This comes from the new Metamodel API also introduced in JPA 2.0. The classes with the prefix _ contains alle the meta information of your entities which looks like that:

import javax.persistence.metamodel.*;
public class Customer_ {
public static volatile Attribute custId;
public static volatile Attribute name;
public static volatile Set orders;

Together with the Metamodel API the Criteria API becomes no type save!
This comes very close to .NETs LINQ! Which in my opinion is a big step for JPA!


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