28 August 2008

New version of simject without external dependencies

Yesterday I released simject 1.3.0.

From this version simject doesn't depend on any third party libarary or framework.
Commons HttpUtil, XStream and Log4j were replaced by standard Java SE features like HttpUrlConnection, XMLEndoder and XMLDecoder and java.util.logging

This alows to use simject in any environment and it's even more simple.

18 August 2008

gted 1.4.1 with Java 5 support

gted 1.4.0 unfortunately only supported Java 1.6 and above.
I like to aplogise to all Java 5 users!

Now 1.4.1 fixes that bug. You can find more information on gted.org

12 August 2008

gted 1.4.0

A new version of gted is available now.

It adds a highly requested feature --from-code to specify the codepage.

Please help me improve gted by adding feature requests and bug reports on the SourceForge project site.

11 August 2008

JSR 303

Today I found the very interesting JSR 303 Bean Validation.

There is a presentation from Emmanuel Bernard from this years JavaOne which gives a very good overview.

The main idea is to provide annotaions for validaion support like @NotNull, @Length(max=30) etc. This validation will also be used in Java Persistence API to define the constraints and also for the automatic database generation.

01 August 2008

simject 1.1.0 with additonal remoting configuration

In the new simject 1.1.0 release I added some advanced remoting configuration.

By adding either xml: or bin: before the http://... one can definie if simejct should use XStream for XML serialization or if it should do normal Java serialization.

The binary protocol can improve the performance when sending or receiving large objects.