31 Juli 2008

simject new version 1.0.5

I made some Maven2 project refactoring and released 1.0.5 of simject.

Any comments are welcome!

30 Juli 2008

simject 1.0.0 released

Today I released the first version of simject.

Have a look and let me know what you are thinking.

29 Juli 2008

New OpenSource Project started: simject

During my private studies on dependency injection, JPA, dynamic proxies and remoting I decided to create a very simple dependency injection framework:

simject : SIMple dependency inJECTion

If you don't need a complex, full featured framework like SpringFramework - check out simject!

19 Juli 2008

gted tutorial online

Today I put a gted tutorial online: www.gted.org

It's written by Pavel Mendl. It's great to have a small gted community!
Thanks a lot!

10 Juli 2008

EclipseLink 1.0 available

Great news from EclipseLink: 1.0 is availabe for download here.