07 April 2008

Again new version of gted

gted 1.3.0 contains two new features:
  • #1848616: Ctrl + Click on references in source editor
  • #1848621: more than one keyword for xgettext
I hope these are usefull!

06 April 2008

gted project rank 192 at SourceForge

Again gted project is a top 200 project at SourceForge!

Today the statistics shows rank 192 for gted.

Thanks a lot for visiting the website and downloading gted.

03 April 2008

gted 1.2.0 released

After two days I released the next version of gted with the following bugfixes:
#1931731: Plural-Form correctly saved
#1844311: All .po files are merged
#1927276: Whitespaces are now untouched

Now all currently know bugs are fixed. If you find some bugs, please let me know!

Java SE 6 ServiceLoader

Today I had a look at the ServiceLoader class in Java SE 6.

The ServiceLoader is a generic factory that can be configured with a simple file located in META-INF/services. The filename must be the full qualified name of the interface and contains a single line with the full qualified name of the implementation ch.simas.impl.MyServiceImpl.

The usage is also very simple:
ServiceLoader loader = ServiceLoader.load(MyService.class);

for (Iterator it = loader.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
MyService myService = it.next();

Try it out!

01 April 2008

gted 1.1.0 released

Today gted 1.1.0 was released.

It contains fixes for these two bugs:
[1889727] no entry if line number is not specified in the .po(t)

[1886392] msgstr not escaped

Thanks to Zoran for his help!
If you have any comments on gted, please let me know!