30 März 2008

qlb project joined!

On Friday I joined Adam Biens qlb project!

qlb is a utility to generate JPQL queries in a more type safe way.
I will use the the experiences made in this project in my JPA courses.

25 März 2008

Quaere == LINQ?

A few weeks ago I discovered LINQ in C# .NET. This is a very nice lean approach to integrate queries into the language. Here's an example:

var emps = from emp in edb.Employees
where emp.name.StartsWith("S")
orderby emp.name
select emp;

foreach (var emp in emps) {

Today I found Quaere that seams to be the same:

Iterable groups = from("city").in(cities).
for (Group group : groups) {
Unfortunately it's far from beeing the same, because LINQ in C# is strong typed! emp in the first example is a variable but city in the second is a string!

It needs a lot of integration in the programing language to achieve the functionality of LINQ as it is done in C#.

Maybe Sun will integrate LINQ as well in Java. We'll see ;-)

So the answer of Quaere == LINQ? is FALSE!

23 März 2008

NetBeans again

It seams that I'm not the only one thinking that NetBeans is a really competitive IDE.
There is a comparison that shows that NetBeans is better in editing and scripting and is easier to use. The main advantage of Eclipse is the huge eco system. But honestly sometimes this can also be a disadvantage, i.e. when you are looking for UML Plugin.

Have a look at the article in Adam Bien's Weblog for more information. There is an other interesting post from Adam: Thinking loud about Eclipse and NetBeans

I totally agree with Adam when he is speaking about the "Plugin hell" in Eclipse. There are too much plugins for the same purpose.
NetBeans comes with the main features for daily use and normally you don't need to install further plugins.

21 März 2008

NetBeans 6.1

A few days ago I downloaded NetBeans 6.1 and I'm very impressed!

I'm a strong Eclipse user but NetBeans has a few features they are extremely useful:
  1. UML Modelling
  2. GUI Builder
These two features (and there are a lot more) makes NetBeans very interesting because these they are really missing in Eclipse and you always have to pay for them. Ok, there are some free UML Plugins, but they are not as good as the NetBeans built-in are.

I will keep on evaluating NetBeans and will blog further findings!

Happy Easter, everybody!