24 Februar 2008

Checked vs unchecked Exceptions

Once again I had a discussion about using checked or unchecked Exceptions in Java.

In my opinion the solution could be simple:
Use checked Exceptions only for business faults. They are part of the interface contract.
But any other Exception thrown by JRE or any other framework should be derived from RuntimeException!

What do you think? Comments are welcome!

10 Februar 2008

Zoran Regvart joined gted project!

Great news from the gted project:

Today Zoran Regvart joined the project! Now we are two people working on gted and we hope to release new and better versions faster and more often!

08 Februar 2008

gted has an active community!

Today the bug 1889727 (no entry if line number is not specified in the .pot or .po) was posted by zregvart. And what a surprise - a patch was attached!

Special thanks to zgrevart. It is great to know that gted has a community!

04 Februar 2008

gted 1.1.0 on track

I'm working on gted 1.1.0 which will contain some major bugfixes.

I hope to release it at the end of February.