13 November 2008

To RCP or not to RCP

In my current project we are thinking about the use of a new GUI framework.
Unfortunatly I can't find a framework that fits our needs.

Our requirments are:
  • Swing
  • Plugin mechanism
  • Validation
  • Data binding
  • Event listening
  • Eclipse IDE for development
I think the first and the last requirement conflict. So there is NetBeans RCP wich uses Swing but it's not simply possible to develop in Eclipse IDE and on the other hand we have Eclipse RCP but this uses SWT instead of Swing. So none of them are 100% match.
Then I found Java Plugin Framework which looks good. But there is the problem that there are no predefined Extensions to use.

So it's a dilemma! Any suggestions are very welcome!


Anonym hat gesagt…

hi simon, I'm in the same situation as you. Have you made some progress with the prototype that you can share?

Simon Martinelli hat gesagt…

We decided to use NetBeans RCP because it allows plugins and is Swing based. It works not to bad but it's not perfect. I previously worked with Eclipse RCP and in my opinon it is mature and ready to use as an enterprise RCP platform.

But to reflect it is important to be sure that an RCP platform is the only solution for your problem. In many cases it's just an overkill.

I hope this helps. If you have further question, feel free to ask ;-)


Pavel hat gesagt…

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