22 Oktober 2007

gted 1.0.0 out now!

Today I released gted 1.0.0.

As promised the source editor now contributes to the outline view!
I also fixed an error concerning header entries on multiple lines.

If you find a bug in gted PLEASE let me know!
Bug reports can be posted here or you can write an email to: simon@gted.org

Every bug report will help to make gted more usable for everybody!
Thanks a lot!

Have fun with version 1.0.0!

21 Oktober 2007

Java 5 certification exam passed!

Last Friday I passed the upgrade exam with 82%.

Now I'm a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Plattform Standard Edition 5.0.

I think there are some big advantages in Java 5 like Generics, but autoboxing isn't!
In contrast! They are very dangerous if you don't know how they really work.
One point is the == with subtypes of java.lang.Number. If the values are between -128 and 127 == will be true, because the values are compared. But if the values aren't in this range the references are compared (as with every Object).

The exam wasn't as difficult a I thought. But the preparation was very interesting because one have to study the details of the Java language. If you are using Java and like to know a little bit more, go for certification!

15 Oktober 2007

Mainframe is still alive and most important up to date!

With IBM IMS Version 10 it's possible to access the transaction manager via XML and web services and the hierarchical database has XML support and can be queried using XQuery!

It's seams that with IBM IMS Version 10 my diploma thesis about building a Java connector to access IMS via ITOC is out of date ;-)

11 Oktober 2007

JPA Lecturer

I'm proud to announce that starting in november I will teach Java Persistence API at the University of Applied Sciences in Berne, Switzerland.
This module is part of the course "Enterprise Application Development Java EE" of the Certificate of Advanced Studies.

Have a look at the advertisement.

03 Oktober 2007

Planned features in next gted version

The main feature in the next gted release will be a outline view contribution for the source editor including sorting and filtering for fuzzy and untranslated entries.

In the preferences you can set if the po file editor will start with the rich ui or the source editor.

I hope this improvements will help users how prefer source code editing.

Please let me know which features you miss in gted!

02 Oktober 2007

gted 0.7.1 is out!

New functionality, changes, new features:
  • Entries editor orientation can be set in preferences!
    New default value "horizontal"
  • Feature request #1689157: UI resizes the input boxes dynamically depending on the size of the editor window
I hope that the improvements in the GUI are useful!

Please check it out: www.gted.org

01 Oktober 2007

Preview gted 0.7.1

In gted 0.7.1 the UI will resize the input boxes dynamically depending on the size of the editor window.

The editor orientation can be set in the preferences. New default is horizontal, because I think it's better if editing large po fields.

gted 0.7.1 will be released during this week.