23 Juli 2007

gted 0.6.3 release

With 0.6.3 line feeds and \n in msgstr are untouched when saving .po file.

Thanks a lot to PePa for testing!

19 Juli 2007

Normalizing Strings in Entries

Currently I'm thinking about normalizing strings in entries.
The gettext manual contains a section about string normalization in emacs.

At the moment gted leaves the line feeds and \n entered by the user untouched. In a later version I will make this customizable so that one can choose the behavior as it is described in the mentioned section of the manual.

Any wishes or remarks are appreciated!

16 Juli 2007

gted 0.6.2 release

Thanks to PePa from the Czech Republic I'm currently improving gted very fast!

0.6.2 contains a minor bugfix. The next major bugfix release 0.6.3 will be available end of week.

02 Juli 2007

gted is Eclipse 3.3 Europa ready!

Good news: gted works without any modification with the new release of Eclipse!