30 Mai 2007

Two Picasa Web Galleries Online

In my hollydays I used Picasa and Picasa Web Albums to publish some pictures of my family and myself. It's very easy to handle!

On simon.martinelli you will find some older travel pictures from South Africa, Australia, London and Paris.

Rebenweg32 is our family gallery with pictures from our travels to France, Greece and the USA as well as pictures from our wedding and from our son Lukas.

I wish you a lot of pleasure with the pics ;-)

27 Mai 2007

New Website Project started

I just started a new website project for the gospel chorus the moor train fellows.

Peter Kohler from cskart is creating the design an I will install and customize the CMS Contenido.

05 Mai 2007

tvsearch now powered by Google

tvsearch now makes use of Google Custom Search.

It's very easy to use and I don't have to maintain the search index any more! Great!