29 März 2007

gted 0.5.1 with Bugfix

0.5.1 is a bugfix release.
gted po editor is now able to parse msgs without comments!

Rails Coding Weekend 21./22. April 2007 in Rapperswil

The Ruby on Rails Switzerland User Group will organize a coding weekend in Rapperswil in april.
Hopefully I will be there!

28 März 2007

gted 0.5.0 released

I was faster that as I thought!
gted 0.5.0 is available for download.
Now I use Eclipse forms in the po file editor.

Check it out and let me know if there are any problems.

27 März 2007

New Version of gted delayed

Currently I'm very busy so the new version of gted will be delayed.
I hope to release it during the first two weeks of april.

08 März 2007

New Website Project started

For a new customer I'm currently creating the design for his website. It will include a shop. As shop software I will use osCommerce.
osCommerce is probably the best open source shop. I already used it with an other customer.