27 Januar 2007

gettext for Java

I published a short tutorial on using gettext in Java programs.
Have a look and let me know if it's usefull or not:

24 Januar 2007

1140 Hits

Yesterday gted had 1140 project web hits on SourceForge.net!

19 Januar 2007

Eclipse Text Editors

I found a very usefull article about building eclipse text editors:

Thanks to this article I improved the source editor in gted. Now it reports parse errors in the problem view.

11 Januar 2007

gted (GetText EDitor) 0.2.3 now with Update Site

With version 0.2.3 there is an Update Site available for gted plugin.

Since SourceForge provides transparent download mirror support it's very easy to provide an update site that uses SourceForge's file release system (frs).

Have a look at site.xml for an example.

09 Januar 2007

gted (GetText EDitor) 0.2.2

The version 0.2.1 has moved from alpha to beta state.
Everything works well including syntax coloring in the source panel.
Only with the entries panel I've got some problems. But this has no impact on the functionality.
gted can be dowloaded at SourceForge.

Over all thanks eclipse it was easier to develop as I expected!

Upcomming features:

06 Januar 2007

First Alpha Release of gted available!

Following the agile way, Release early, release often, I released the first version of gted PO File Editor Plug-in.

Fortunatly I found the potron project and with the agreement of Xavier Cho from Korea I could use his po file parser. So I saved a lot of time. Thanks a lot Xavier!

You can download it here. But use it with care. It's very alpha!

Any comments, bugs and features requests would be appreciated! Please use the tracker on the projects page.

03 Januar 2007

New SourceForge Project gted (GetText EDitor) approved!

SourceForge approved my new project gted:
gted (GetText EDitor) is an editor for gettext po files. gted is developed as Eclipse plugin and therefore very usfull for developers (and translators) using the Eclipse IDE for developing.

Now I will started developing and hope to have the first alpha version until end of month.