31 Dezember 2006

DTV Münschemier online!

My latest webdesign projects is now online:
DTV Müntschemier is a female gymnastics club.
Have a look...

30 Dezember 2006

New Project: PO File Editor for Eclipse

Since a few days I'm using gettext for L10N in rTPlan. Because I'm using Eclipse for development I'm missing a plugin for editing the po files like JInto for Resource Bundles.

Therefore I decided to create such a plugin. I registered a new project at SourceForge and I'm waiting for the approval an will then start with the programming.

28 Dezember 2006

Ruby on Rails and ä,ö,ü etc

If you need "Umlaute" in Ruby on Rails you can use the following filter
in the ApplicationController:

ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
before_filter :charset
def charset
if request.xhr?
@response.headers["Content-Type"] ||=
text/javascript; charset=iso-8859-1"

@response.headers["Content-Type"] ||=
"text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"

rTPlan and L10N

Currently I'm working on the L10N (Localization) of rTPlan using GetText. GetText is easy to use and the tutorials on the website are very helpfull.

In the next release rTPlan will also be available in German!
If you like to have rTPlan in your language don't hesitate to write an email to: simon@martinelli.ch

23 Dezember 2006

New Release of rTPlan

I had to add the missing referential integrity to rTPlan to avoid users to delete dependent entities.
Next release will be 0.4.0 with another set of reports.

My experiencd with Ruby on Rails so far:
  • It's fun!
  • Because of the MVC Pattern you get a very well structured application
  • With mongrel server it's fast and very easy to deploy
  • The concepts of the migrations is usefull. And you never have a problem with incompatible database schema.
I haven't found any disadvantage in comparison with PHP or Java Web Application.

21 Dezember 2006

Some Words about Maintainability

During a project there are often discussions about maintainability. Often between people that never maintained any application in their hole life!
They speak about loosly coupled systems with high cohesion. They do wired things such as converting an object at every interface boundry. (How should one find the usage of this object?)
The only thing to get an maintainable application is to keep it simple an DRY!

If you can use Ruby on Rails it's easy. But if you have to use Java don't overdesign your application with abstract classes or interfaces. Don't use transfer objects or other usless stuff!
All you normaly want to do is to present the data from the database to the user. So why should you create an integration, a business, a service and a client layer?

Try to come back to nicely designed object oriented applications with as few code as possible!

New Release of rTPlan

New version of rTPlan available.
Major improvement: added a WorkCategory to get more details about the reported work.

18 Dezember 2006

New Release of jBatchEngine

There is a new version 0.2.0 of jBatchEngine available.

New RubyOnRails Hoster

Unfortunatly Blackcurrant is ceasing trading next february :-(

So I took Hosting Rails.com as my new Ruby on Rails hoster.
They also support Mongrel and the server seams to be fast and the support is awesome!
Hope this will be the same in the future...

15 Dezember 2006


Open-jACOB is a RAD Tool that generates web applications.
Anybody how's familiar with Access will be able to use it immediately.
It's very simple to use and generates a war-file to deploy to tomcat (or others).
Once deployed one can update the application.

I think for RAD it's a great tool and it's also very agile because one can create the forms directly with the customer.

Check it out!

08 Dezember 2006

OutOfMemory with Eclipse 3.2

I had OutOfMemoryErrors very often with Eclipse 3.2.
Now I use the following vmargs and have a real performance boost:

04 Dezember 2006


There is a similar Tool to my rTPlan called Reporter!
Have a look.