27 November 2006

Code Coverage for Ruby on Rails

rcov is a Code Coverage Tool for Ruby on Rails similar to Emma for Java.
Read the article on Agile Web Development for a short tutorial.

Have a look at the current code coverage report for rTPlan.

17 November 2006

ActiveRecord :dependent => :protect plugin

I found a very usefull Plugin for Ruby on Rails:

It prevents destroying a record if it still has some associated records!
Thanks to Ruido!

12 November 2006

New Ruby on Rails Hoster

Since yesterday I have a new Ruby on Rails Hoster: Blackcurrant Hosting
It supports Mongrel and is really fast and the support is good.

10 November 2006

Ruby on Rails and Relationships

I found a great article for alle beginners about relationships:

rPlan -> rTPlan

To avoid any trademark conflicts rPlan was renamed to rTPlan.
Thanks to Reiner for the tip!

07 November 2006

Over 100 Downloads of rPlan

Since October 26th rPlan was downloaded over 100 times!

06 November 2006

Gmail goes Mobile

Since a few months I'm using Gmail and I think this is the most powerfull mailprovider out there.
Now there is a mobile application for cell phones available:
Check it out!

Btw: if someone needs an invitation for Gmail please let me know

rPlan 0.1.5 Bugfix Release

Thanks to Robert Gogolok for reporting the bugs #6486 and #6488.
They are both fixed in release 0.1.5

03 November 2006

jBatchEngine New Release

A new release of jBatchEngine is available at SourceForge.

It contains some bugfixes

01 November 2006

rPlan Reporting

I made the first steps whit Gruff.
Gruff is a graphing library and is very easy to use. There are a few missing functions and I allready posted a feature request and hope it will be accepted.

I released 0.1.3 of rPlan with a preview report and will no develop some reports and hope that the community will come up with some requests for new graphs.