28 Oktober 2006

rPlan 0.1.1 released

The first release of rPlan can be downloaded from RubyForge!

I will be pleased about your comments!

25 Oktober 2006

New Project rPlan started

Yesterday I started a new Ruby on Rails project at RubyForge called rPlan.

rPlan is a project task planning tool that can be used for every project. It is independent of the project model (RUP, XP, Scrum etc). Tasks can be assigned to developers and they can report their work.

rPlan will provide several reports for project controlling.

19 Oktober 2006

First Beta Version of jBatchEngine

Since yesterday evening the first version of jBatchEngine can be downloaded at SourceForge:

16 Oktober 2006

New OpenSource Project started

On weekend I started a new opensorce project:

jBatchEngine is a kind of Batch Spooler. But it is event driven. It triggers entries in a database tabelle and later of a message queue.

It can start any batch program written in any langugage.

12 Oktober 2006

jTrackAndField on Rails

Currently I'm porting the server part of jTrackAndField from Java, Servlet, Hibernate to Ruby on Rails and Webservices.

Thus I can use the same code for master data administration AND remoting of jTrackAndField! jTrackAndField will be more DRY!

I will document my experience with Ruby on Rails and Webservices here.

09 Oktober 2006

Trend: Businesslogic in Model

When you take a closer look at the new Application-Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or JBoss Seam you will notice a change to previous architectures:

The domainmodel is no longer a pure datacontainer, but it contains the businesslogic as in the early years of OO.

For many datadriven applications there will be an advantage that you can ommit an unnecessairy layering. Thus the logic for one entity will be in this entity and you can avoid codeduplication. Your will be more DRY (don't repeat yourself).

I'm wondering how you think about this trend and if anybody has allready implemented any bigger project in this meaning.

02 Oktober 2006

Eclipse Plugin for Emma

I found a very usefull Eclipse Plugin: EclEmma

This is an integration of Emma (Code Coverage Tool) in Eclipse. Emma can be integrated in the continous build of CruiseControl as well.